Career Overview

At DWPS BARASAT, we consider our staff members to be part of our family under the same roof. We emphasize a lot on the intellectual stimulation generated by a wide array of our staff members that include Management, Senior Teachers, Junior Teachers, Administrative Executives, Facility managers, Support Staff, etc. With a team of visionary and highly efficient support staff system, we are already on our way to redefine the modern day Education System empowering our students to rise up for their bright future years. We offer you the opportunity to join us and cherish the journey with us.

Welcome to the DWPS BARASAT family. A sense of ownership, focus on high performance and dedication, open culture and a caring environment are some of the characteristics shared in common by all. We share a work environment that empowers, engages and sets new targets for our fellow staff members to achieve their respective goals at their workplace. Importance is given to the freedom, respect, care, flexibility, and the ability to listen and respond.

It is our belief that it is impossible for an organization to grow merely through its workflow. Information flow is very significant. We administer inter and intra-departmental information sharing, which in turn rewards us with a learning culture that is constantly growing, constantly evolving.

HR Objectives

  • Inspire the dedicated human resources.
  • Empower a strong team to drive growth and set up new benchmark for the education standards that are being imparted to our students.
  • Attract and retain professionals.