• It is very important for schools to take precautionary measures for the safety of children.
  • At DWPS BARASAT we have adopted a high end IOT platform, that will enable the school administration to locate individual students, particularly in the restricted zones within the school premises. In fact, this technology is far more scientific, specific and advanced in its application and usage compared to the CCTV and other surveillance devices currently installed in schools.
  • Internet of Things (IOT) is a network of interconnected devices which can be sensors, electronic devices or computers. These devices collect and exchange information based on which pre-programmed actions can happen or informed decisions can be taken.
  • Under this platform, a School ID Card and Gateways are deployed in a network of Bluetooth Beacons, WiFi and GPS. These Gateways will receive data from the child’s ID card for further processing by the application engine on the Cloud. The data is then processed based on pre-defined triggers and alerts are generated. Interestingly, there is no need of a mobile application for the above since alerts can be sent via SMS /Email. Furthermore, mobile applications can be used to monitor student data such as attendance or other relevant and important information where the application is a convenient method of checking and verification.


  • Science Park is a cluster of open air Science gadgets all meant for play way learning of Science. It’s an innovative concept of teaching Science in an informal way. The basic concept of Science Park lies on the tendency of the children to play more than to read.
  • A Science Park within a school campus facilitates the children to mingle with Science in play way manner. Educationists, Scientists and Psychiatrists insist on the play way method of teaching.
  • World renowned educationists are striving hard to develop various tools for play way learning. It is a powerful tool which turns the children to learn science while playing with these gadgets.
  • The Science Park gadgets are so designed to inculcate scientific temper among children and adults by covering various branches of science like mechanics, sound, light, heat, chemistry, biology, meteorology and applied sciences too.