1. Speaking in English:
  • The school insists that the child should speak in English and acquire every opportunity to communicate in English in school campus, at games, representation outside the school, to and from school, in school uniform etc.
  • Marks will be allotted for conversational skills as continuous assessment.
2. Moral behavior and attitude:
  • The school reserves the right to terminate the admission of students whose conduct is not exemplary to others.Admission fees are non-refundable. Bullying and ragging in the school are punishable offenses by law. Students found indulging in the same will be suspended.Bringing Money, any valuable article or jewelry is not allowed. Students found guilty will be suspended from the school without any notice. Students are not allowed to celebrate their birthdays or any other occasion in school by distributing invitation cards or gifts or sweets or chocolates. Students can bring a SAPLING as a token of love.

    Students are prohibited from bringing any publication, reference books, electronic devices including mobile phones ,cameras, i-pods, i-pads, Tablets and secondary storage devices (CDs, DVDs, pen drives, portable HDD, micro SD or SD cards etc.) not relevant to academic pursuits. Violation may result in suspension and/or levying of heavy fine in addition to confiscation of the items. The students must not smoke cigarette, consume pan or pan masala or any other kind of intoxicants during their school career. Students caught with such articles in school will lead to suspension or withdrawal of the student/s as deemed fit by the authority. Students need to refrain from bringing any sharp objects to school.Exploding crackers on any occasion or splashing colours during Holi in the school premises or in the school bus is strictly forbidden. Students found guilty will be expelled from the school without notice. No student shall indulge in Spoiling Gardens, Lawn, Flowers and Plants etc.
3. Mandatory for all the students
  • It is mandatory for all the students, unless instructed otherwise, to be present for festivals and functions celebrated in and out of the school. The school is committed to protecting the environment and expects its students to be environment friendly in all their actions. The use of plastic bags is therefore strictly prohibited in the school and students should consciously avoid their uses for any purpose.
4. Offensive language
  • Students who use offensive language and hurt other students or cause damage to school properties are liable to be penalized.
5. Attendance during Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations
  • Attendance during Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations is mandatory for all the students. No leave will be sanctioned on these days.
  • The students must reach school before the assembly and must be present during the assembly. The students must observe the proceedings of the assembly with mark of respect and honour. The proceedings of the assembly are secular in nature and emphasize on the development of the child’s personality, sociability, solidarity and spirituality.
7. Loss of Articles
  • Students should be very careful about the safe custody of their personal belongings (e.g. Books, note books, uniform, other stationeries etc.). The school will not be responsible for loss of any article of the students. However to prevent loss the students should mark their books, articles, Tiffin box , rain coat etc. with their names ,class .
8. Absence from School
  • A student who has been absent on the previous day will not be allowed to attend class unless her/his parent has entered an explanation stating the reasons for the absence, in the ‘Record of Non-attendance’ section of the Almanac, for each day (valid for 2 days) the student has been absent from school. Intimation for absence up to 2 days may be sent via email alternatively.
  • In case of absence for more than 2 days on medical grounds, Medical Certificate and Prescription (photocopies) should be attached along with the application. In case a child reports to school after absence without an explanation in the Almanac, the parents will be called to school and the child will be sent back home.
  • Absence from school for more than 5 consecutive days is not allowed, except on medical grounds.
  • Repeated absence without notice or unexplained absence without written application for more than six consecutive days renders the student liable to have her/his name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may only be granted after approval by the Head of School and payment of a prescribed readmission fee.
  • There is no provision for half-day leave, therefore students who are not well should not be sent to school, even on the days of assessments. The child will be marked absent if s/he were to be taken home by parents/guardians/ authorized persons during schools hours, even if it were to be an assessment day. The child will be awarded a zero for the assessment taken on that particular day.
  • Students who require medical attention during school hours may be sent to the school Sick Room by the teacher concerned, who will enter the nature of complaint and sign the ‘School Sick Room Record’ section of the Almanac.
  • Parents will be promptly informed in the event of serious illness or emergency and may be requested to come to school to take their child home, if necessary.
  • A student, returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease, should produce a doctor’s fitness certificate permitting her/him to attend school. Students suffering from the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to school. However, the exact period of quarantine will depend upon the severity of the infection which should be confirmed by a certified medical practitioner.
  • All students are expected to attend school on the first day following the vacations. Absence on the day of closing/reopening of the school before/after vacations will attract strict action.
  • It is compulsory for students to achieve 80% attendance in each term in order to be eligible to take the end-of-term assessment. This stipulation can only be relaxed on genuine medical grounds, at the sole discretion of the Head of School.
  • Absence for more than 20% of total number of working days may result in detention of the child in the same class. Even on medical grounds, a student cannot remain absent for more than 25% of total working days.